Max Bloy

Current Role: Graduate - Technology

Location: Welwyn Garden City Campus

Joined Tesco: September 2016


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Having completed my degree in computer science at the University of East Anglia I was looking for a graduate programme in an innovative and inspiring tech environment where I had future opportunities and a chance to make a difference to the wider business. People were surprised when I said I found that at Tesco, most immediately thought of the major tech giants: ‘Google’, ‘Facebook’ etc. However, technology at Tesco isn’t what you might initially perceive it to be from outside looking in.


The rate at which technology constantly evolves and attempting to stay ahead of the curve is always a challenge. The graduate programme was a great foundation and gave me so many opportunities to develop my skills and gain experience. From a Labs innovation placement, to working in several experienced teams and a placement in Bengaluru, India.


The lab placement was a chance to develop something for Tesco at a much faster rate. I was teamed up with other grads and we chose to develop a gamified healthy eating application. Focusing on consumer health and wellbeing combined with gamification, we developed the software offering healthy eating options combined with incentives through the app. This proved to be an innovative, challenging and enjoyable placement.

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"It is a great tech environment to work in, everyone is willing to support and help each other, and even as a graduate I have had the opportunity to train other colleagues."

It certainly isn’t a stuffy corporate business but a place you can bring yourself to work and dress casually too. It is a great tech environment to work in, everyone is willing to support and help each other, and even as a graduate I have had the opportunity to train other colleagues. The team really inspire me and the work is very challenging, the code we write needs to be able to handle the sheer volume of customers at Tesco. Millions of people could be interacting with the technology we develop which is critical to the business, meaning you have to be tenacious and resilient and happy to work where things can change overnight.


My hours are flexible which gives me more time to do my own thing in the evening, I’m a big football fan, playing or watching as well as going to the gym. We have new football pitches and a fully equipped Nuffield gym here on campus what’s not to like?

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"Millions of customers and colleagues could be interacting with the technology that you have developed - it is an amazing feeling."

One of the best pieces of advice I could give to a new joiner is don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We have a pipeline with multiple environments for just that reason and for many people making mistakes is the best way to learn.


I have recently been promoted to Software Development Engineer having completed the 2 year graduate programme. I’m currently developing software in the Identity microservice which is used to authenticate and identify all end users. In this team I am working on improving the reliability and speed resulting in a faster journey for both customers and colleagues. This is a great opportunity to really make a big difference.